Brother Neil McQueen

Sisters and Brothers,

Brother Neil McQueen and his family have recently suffered a personal tragedy. The McQueen family has lost their home to a fire. Neil has 3 young daughters and fortunately, everyone is physically okay, but they have lost everything.

Division 747 has set up donations.  As of today, you can donate to the McQueen family at Union Station in Toronto. Donations will be accepted by the on-duty Yardmaster.

The Division has also be set up a donation box for Neil’s daughters. As you can imagine their needs are many. Neil’s girls are 10, 6 & 3 years old. Toys, clothes, books & things like that would help. These items can be delivered to Tamara Garnes at the TMC.

Anything you can contribute to help Neil and his family get through this very trying time would be greatly appreciated!