Upcoming Vote: ADP Contract

Due to recent changes in TCRC Financial Policy, all divisions are required to register with the TCRC CRA  account.
All division officers must pay CPP, EI and income tax on all stipends, honorariums and payments for lost wages directly to the TCRC CRA account.
As a result of this new requirement the office of secretary treasurer has now been burdened with the additional responsibilities of payroll taxation.

Because of the complexities of calculating these deductions for employees with two ( TCRC & VIA ) incomes as well as providing T-4 slips I felt it wise to seek the assistance of a payroll services company. After conversation with both President Finnson and Secretary Treasurer Lowe and on the recommendation of the division’s bank manager ( BMO, Lakeshore & Park Lawn ) I researched various payroll services and felt ADP payroll services would best meet our needs and all of CRA’s requirements.

As your Secretary Treasurer I believe ADP provides an simple and inexpensive solution for payroll input,
delivery and taxation compliance. I recommend that we as a division vote to accept this contract.

View ADP Proposal and Quote Here

There will be a membership vote whether or not to accept the ADP contract at the next regular meeting Tuesday February 14, 2017. I hope to see you there.

In the meantime I welcome any questions or concerns you may have.


Ken Fitzgerald
Secretary Treasurer
TCRC Division 747